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Are member profiles screened?
All members must supply a "real" and valid e-mail address with is confirmed prior to joining and profiles and photos are screened for inappropriate content. We aggressively review each and every profile posted to insure it conforms to the terms and conditions outlined in the member agreement. We also try make sure all members meet our basic standards (such as being diagnosed as being HIV positive... but we still have to take their word for it)  If you find another member is not truthful or is not HIV positive, we hope you will let us know so we can take prompt action to remove them from the website.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our members, but no website can guarantee the truthfulness and honesty of all members.  Just as in life, you are cautioned to not be careless when releasing your personal information to somebody you've just met. 

One comment: It's not much different from expecting truthfulness from anyone in the singles environment anywhere. Use caution when communicating with other members. We've found that a vast majority of members are truthful and good people, but you never know.  Please always be careful until you are comfortable with who you are talking with

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