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How do I change or update my profile?
To update your online profile, just click on Profile at the top of the page.  You can change this at anytime.  Be sure you click on update at the bottom of the page to update your profile.

Please remember that we do not allow email addresses, website URL's, instant messenger, phone numbers and other contact information on your profile.  Including this information only slows down the process of reviewing your profile.

All profiles are reviewed prior to being put back online.  If you cannot see your profile after you've updated it, it is because it is in a que waiting review by our staff.  All profiles are reviewed quickly, usually within a few hours.  Please be patient. 

Reviewing profiles helps us keep out the bashers, spammers, Russian bride's, and the other vermin that seems to be scouring around the Internet these days.  We do this for your protection, and to make a fun, and pleasurable experience for our members.

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