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Is my personal information kept confidential?
We keep your personal identifiable information very confidential.  In fact we take your privacy as our number one priority.  The owners of are HIV Positive just like you, and know how important confidentiality is.  

Any information we collect (your real e-mail address, name, etc..) which could lead to someone else contacting you outside of this site and without your desire, is kept from the view of other members. The only personal information that is revealed is what you place on your profile such as your city, state and zipcode (which are used for searching purposes)

Some other websites actually distribute your real e-mail address or phone number in public on their website!   We think that is an open door for suspicious activity.  Some websites use will actually sell your email address to advertisers and outside parties! 

We don't think sharing that information is such a good idea, and on a site such as this - we take your privacy as our number one concern. 

You can take our word for it, we will never ever ever sell your email address or personal information to outside parties.  We will never reveal your private information to anybody else without your express consent.

Unless you deliberately give clues or intentionally supply information to others, or in your public profile concerning your real identity or other personally identifiable information, there is no way for another member or the public community to know who you are. They can only contact you thru your private email on this system.  We use a double blind email system, so your personal information is not revealed to others.

We do not recommend revealing your email address, website info, instant messenger etc. to anybody in the chat room, or other areas of the website unless you know who you are talking with and are comfortable releasing your information in private to that person.  (remember, some people are not who they always represent themselves to be.)

A Word of Caution!
Please be very careful on any site which is community oriented. Never supply your real contact information to anyone until you have verified who they say they really are. Just like a public place, you DO NOT know who you are talking to, and if they are being honest with you.   Always inform friends or family of planned meetings with anyone you have met anonymously via any online experience.  We recommend reading our dating tips, and doing a little research about online dating.

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