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What are the restrictions on my photos?
We don't put a lot of restrictions on your photos.  With that said, to keep the website fun for all members, we require a few common sense rules: 

Your main photo (the one that shows up when members browse your profile) MUST be a photo of yourself, and clearly show your face.  (This means your main photo can't be a torso shot) 

Your other photos can be of anything you'd like.  Your kids, your pets, your hobbies etc. 

Adult oriented photos MUST be marked as private or they will be deleted.  We all know you're proud of your 'thang', but .. we don't want to see it plastered on your main profile (grin.)   Please, mark that photo as private.    You control who can see your adult photos by supplying them with a password.  If you have a question on what's acceptable, please let us know.


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