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What if I decide to delete my profile? Can I?
Of course. If you no longer want to be part of, we would never force you to! This site has the quality of members it has because they want to be here, and know what we have to offer.

There is no obligation to remain a member of our site at anytime, and once you have been deleted, your profile and photos will no longer appear anywhere or to other members.

In order to protect our site's integrity, once you have been deleted from, your email address is automatically blocked. 

If you ever want to re-instate your account, just click on the restore account link, on our homepage and your former membership will be back online and you can log in using your membername and password. .  If you want to join under a new name, you will need to obtain a different email address, or email us so we can unblock your old email address.

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