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Account Help
Updating your account
When making any changes to this page (password, introduction etc) - you must re-enter your email address in the email confirmation field before clicking the "submit" button to save your changes.

Member Name

This is the name other users see, and know you by.  Email addresses or real names are not allowed as member names. Your real name is kept confidential and is not shown on your profile.  Only your member name is visible to other members.   Once you have chosen your member name, it cannot be changed by you.  If you wish to change your member name, please email us and we can change it for you.

This is the password you will use when logging onto the website.  We encourage using a password that is not easily identifiable for your protection.  Keep your password confidential - you don't want somebody else logging in and using your account.

Your email address
Having a current active email address is important so you are notified when other members send you an email, or a flirt.  You are notified at this email address.  We use a double-blind email system, so you real email address or other information is never shown on your profile or sent to other members.  All email is sent thru our private email system.  You can update your email address at anytime.

First and last name
If you are not comfortable using your real name, that's okay.  What is important is having an active, current email so you receive notices.  Your real name or other personal information is never released or given to other members.  We keep your personal information completely confidential, but we understand if you wish to use an alias...  It's your choice but you must input some sort of first and last name to use the website, real or an alias.

I am...
Other members will search and find you by yours, and their gender preference.  If you change this option - you must refill out a new profile, since the profile questions for each gender preference are different.

Date of birth
Put in your correct birth date.  Our system will let others know your age.  If a member is searching by an age range, this increases your chances.  Being honest about your age is important to other members searching for a match in their preferred age range. 

City and State
Members can search for you by city or state, so putting the correct info here is important.  If you are not from the USA, there are country choices available on our pull down menu.

Zip Code
Members can find you by a zip code radius.  How far are you from zip code 12345 for example.  So it's important to enter a correct zip code.
Some of our non-USA members may have problems entering a zip code, since some countries may not support zip codes. 

In this case, please use any 5 digit number (ie: 13131 or 00000 for example).  This will help you bypass this option. was designed for members in the USA, but we welcome members from most countries.

ntroduce yourself
Other members browsing your profile will see this area first.  Be creative.. Introduce yourself, what you are looking for, what your hobbies are etc.  This is your first  chance to make a great first impression!
  You are limited to 200 characters in this area, including spaces.  You can update this at anytime.

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