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Help!  I'm having problems getting into the chat room!
If you are having problems, there are a few things you can do.

How old is your browser software? Does it need updating?

Problem: If you are not using Internet Explorer 5.0 (or greater) or Netscape Navigator 4.1 (or greater) it's time to upgrade your software. Are you aware it's free to upgrade?

Solution: Go to or and download the most recent Web browser software available to you. You won't be sorry and may find that "today's" Internet runs quite a bit better than what you are used to viewing through your current looking-glass.

re you using AOL with their web browser, or the Internet Explorer that came with your AOL software?
AOL member seem to have the most problems accessing the chat room.

While AOL is a great service, they and their browser have some limitations.  The Internet Explorer version that comes with the AOL package IS NOT a full version of IE.  Their version does not interpret graphics properly, and will cause problems. 

We recommend going to, downloading the full version of Internet Explorer (it's free) and using that version instead of the AOL version.  You will find that this site, and most other websites on the Internet function much better using the full version.

Are you using WebTV?

Problem: WebTV is the single largest issue we have designing Web pages on the Internet, yet less than 1/2 of 1% of our members use it.  We're sorry, but WebTV will not work with our chat room.

Have you recently installed any anti-virus software, such as Norton Anti-virus?

Problem: Many times, anti-virus software also installs other software components, such as a firewall. What a firewall does is actually very important to the security of your data on today's hostile Internet.

Web pages, e-mail, secure Web pages, etc., all travel via the Internet on their own "ports", much like tunnels. As evidenced lately, software vendors such as Microsoft don't do enough testing to make sure these ports are "closed" and not open to malicious hackers. Therefore, firewall software was created to "shut down" all ports not used, except for those needed by your Web browser, e-mail software, etc..

Sometimes firewalls get too aggressive concerning their initial or default settings and many users don't know which ports they should leave open and which ports they should allow closed. To add to the problem, some anti-virus software packages install firewall components without your knowledge.

Solution: First, we absolutely recommend having anti-virus and firewall protection software. You will, however, need to learn how to enable cookies within your software's settings. Because there are so many firewall and anti-virus software packages on the market, it would be impossible for us to explain how to do that. The absolute best way to discover the features of your security software is to start snooping around with assistance of the help feature. You will learn, find the settings you need to adjust, and have a better comfort level concerning your computer's security.


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