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What do those icons on peoples profiles mean?
What do these icons mean?


Instant messenger.  If somebody is online and you'd like to chat one on one with them, click this icon on their profile.  If they are unavailable or busy, the system will let you know. (Premium Member Feature)
- Send email to another member.  They will be notified they have mail waiting from you. (Premium Member Feature)
- Send a flirt.  Flirts are quick, one-line messages.  Flirts are a great way to see if somebody is interested in you before sending them a more in-depth email.  (Free for all members)
- If you are being bothered by somebody and you do not want to get emails or flirts from that member.  Simply click this icon on their profile and they will not be able to email or flirt with you anylonger.  You can manage your blocked list by clicking on the blocked link, located at the top of each page.
- If you just want to keep an eye on that hottie you spotted, you can add them to your favorites list.  Click this again to remove them from your favorites list.

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