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How does the Instant Messenger work?
To use the Instant Messenger, you must be a premium member to initiate contact.  You do not have to be a premium member to respond to chat requests using the I/M if a premium member contacts you.

If you have a "Pop-Up" blocker installed on your computer, the I/M will not work since it opens in a new window.  This is usually the biggest problem folks encounter.  Either you, or the person you're trying to chat with has a popup blocker installed, and can't chat. 

To resolve this problem, disable your popup blocker while your on the website.  (We're not going to bombard you with a bunch of popup ads anyway, we hate them too, and we don't have them on this website.)

Some members do not like to be "pulled" into an IM chat. If the other member is busy, responding to an email for example - you may be ignored.  We've found that it's sometimes its best to email the other member and setup a time to meet in the IM - sort of setting a date to chat...

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