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Is this site secure?  I don't want my personal information distributed to others..  Can I trust it?
Yes. When logging onto our site and registering with your personal information, we use very strong encryption to send data back and forth, from you to our servers.  Your personal information is stored in secure servers separate from the website.

Because of the nature of, and the fact that we (the owners of this website) are HIV Positive also, we understand your need for privacy and confidentiality.   Whenever we discover a member who is suspicious, is obviously not HIV positive, or has the potential to defraud other members, they are deleted immediately.  To join, we require that you be diagnosed as being HIV+, or living with HIV/AIDS. 

We are aggressive about reviewing each and every profile to insure we aren't bombarded by bashers, spammers, hate groups and others who would like to disrupt what is all about. is about quality members, seeking a quality experience in a private, non-judgmental and friendly environment. does everything physically possible to protect our member's privacy and to ensure a fun experience at our site.

No Spam Policy, unlike other sites, will never distribute your personal information to third parties for marketing, spam, or any other purpose. It's not our purpose to sell you anything but the services you ask for - directly. And that's not a skillfully crafted policy or play on words.  We keep your information confidential.  It's our number 1 priority.

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