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What do those icons on peoples profiles mean?

How to use the menu's

To log into the system, you must register first.  You must supply your email and information.  Supplying  a correct email address insures you will receive notifications of email and winks from other users.  We do not use or sell your email address for spam purposes.  We do send email to update you on new features and changes to the service.  

Your Mailbox
This is where you can see email other users have sent to you, including who's "flirting" with you.  You can also see who you've sent email to, you can also compose messages to other users.  Your outbox shows who you've "flirted" with, and sent email to.  Bold messages are unread.

Your Stats
Stats show the last 20 people who have browsed your profile.

Did you see a hottie that you want to keep an eye on?  Just click on the "Add to Favorites" icon when you're browsing their profile and they'll be added to your list.  You can delete them from your list at anytime. By clicking on Favorites, you can see the list of those hotties you've added. 

This is probably one of the most important parts of the entire site.  This is where you get the chance to tell us a little bit about you!  We're always adding new questions and changing things when our users suggest them.  You can update your profile, your likes, dislikes, who or what you're looking for etc. by clicking on "Profile".

Account Info
This is your basic information.  Your real name, age, password, City, State and zip code.  (our system figures out how far you are from somebody from your zip code, so it's important you enter your correct zip code.  For our international users, please just input 12345 or some other number.  You can update this info at anytime.

Here you can add, change or delete your photo's from your profile.  Profiles with photo's will receive up to 70% more responses than those that don't have photos.  You can add up to 5 photos on your profile.  Adult photos may be posted, but THEY MUST be set as a private photo.  You can supply a password, which you can give to others you want to see your private photo collection.  Public nude photos will be removed. (please don't make us baby-sit your profile)  You know what's considered an adult photo and what's not.

This just takes you back to the main page.

You can search by zip code, state or gender preferences. Doing a search of 5000 miles will return all users under the gender preference you are looking for.  We're working on an upgrade to allow you to search by your preferences.  (ie: body type, hair color, etc)  

Who's online
See who else is hanging around on the site, including their profile and pictures.  Just click on their profile to see their full  answers and other photos.

Instant Messenger
Our online instant messenger allows you to chat one on one with other users.  To "IM" somebody, click on the little blue bubble on their profile. That user will be notified and can choose to chat or not.  " If you or the member you are trying to reach has a popup blocker on your system, the instant messenger will not work.  You must disable your popup blocker to use the instant messenger.

Chat Room
Here you can chat with other users online in real-time.  You can choose the main room which includes all users, or go to the hetero, gay or bi only rooms if you feel more comfortable there.  You can also create your own room if you'd like.  If you cannot access the chat room, click on the chatroom help link for more info.

Logs you off of the system..  Buh-bye...


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